effortlessly beautiful make up

The true beauty is to look natural without hiding natural skin color using makeup products. 
for those who has a dark/tan skin like I have, please don't ever think that 'to be pretty' means 'to be white'. you don't have to look extremely white. if you choose wrong color for your make up, you'll ended up like this:

or this....

anyway, we aren't going to discuss a pale ghost look today. We are going to discuss a flawless natural look. 
Well, here are the steps to achieve a beautiful yet natural look:
  • Clean and moisturize your skin with your favorite skincare products.
  • Use right foundation. It should be one tone lighter from your natural skin tone.
  • Apply the foundation all over your face. Don’t forget to apply it on your neck too.
    •   If you have dark circle or blemishes use concealer to brighten up the area.
    • Set your foundation with loose powder.
    • in your brows with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder. Choose brown color for the natural look. black is a big no no
    • Use eye shadows of your choice and apply on your eyelids. Stick on earth tone color.
    • Line your eyes with eyeliner. 
    • Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara. Try not to use false lashes. 
    • Add some shading to certain parts of your face such as your nose, your jaw line, and other areas if needed.
    • Highlight your brow bone, cupids bow, nose bridge and the areas above your cheek.
    • Smile, and apply blush on your cheek.  
    • Apply soft pink lipstick or other nude color lipstick and finish off with lip gloss.
    now Your skin should look effortlessly beautiful withoutlook ‘heavy’ and ‘too much'...
      • -be proud of your skin color and stay beautiful


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