My Mood Makers (Part 2)




#Take a deep breath.

Frankly speaking, I'm not confident enough to post something today since the second blog to be reviewed is...EVITA'S BLOG.

I'm nothing compared to her, but I adore her like mad, it is:

2. The Crème de la crop

Owner:Evita Nuh
Genre:Fashion Blog

I found this blog last year and I followed it as well. For me, finding this blog is as precious as spending a night in Kyoto. Why?? Because I finally found someone who compliments my dream (well, I am a dreamer after all).

Reading this blog make me suddenly felt like an idiot. What made me felt that way is: the d*amn cool blog is owned by a twelve years old girl!

Her name is Evita Nuh. She is a FUNNY GENIUS TALENTED young girl who loves fashion and arty things. The coolest thing about her is: had been featured on many International media at her very young age!

She started blogging when she was 8!! I was nothing at that age. I distinctly remember some ‘achievements’ when I was 8. Some of them are pouring a glass of water into a huge jar without spilling and eating ice cream without being messy.

Genius :D

When I read every single story she wrote I fell in love in no time. It’s written mostly in English. Well, it’s not the lame one like mine, it’s very communicative. The writing style is distinctive; mature, funny, yet innocent. I never feel bored reading this blog since each story of this blogs carries different feeling.

I was not into fashion before since I thought that fashion is ‘pricey’, glamour, overwhelmed and posh. Through her blog I can see fashion and beauty in different perspective. Now I know that the beauty is not always comes from pricey things. For me
beauty is about an art to share my feeling

Talking about fashion, you know, in Indonesia it’s normal to see young girls wear pinky Barbie kind of dress. Piiinnnkk all the way :p. Let’s see what kind of outfits she wears:




d*amn it's cool

I can’t believe that Evita Nuh lives in our country, Indonesia. Her English is superb, her outfits are ‘damn’ cool, her fashion style, her poses, her drawings are nothing but AWESOME.

I haven’t met her in person and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even know me #who am I?, but it feels like I know her very well. Maybe she’s one of my soul sisters :D #wishing.

FYI, she runs a shop named Little Nuh at her very young age-12 years old. Awesome.

Let me tell you a secret :D

You know, at that age, I do nothing but adoring Prince William :p. hahaha LOL. Such a ‘similar success story’, RIGHT???

Anyway, thanks to Benazio for featuring this blog :D. Too bad it’s kinda late finding this precious blog. Where have I been, people?
I recommend this blog to: kids, teenagers, grown ups, International readers, fashion lovers, art freak :p

Next blog to be reviewed is hers:

Oopss, no, I'm just kidding :p. It's hers :)

Bye everyone, sweet dreams ;)



  1. Jadi yang punya kancutberingas itu si titian?

  2. Aku nggak tanggung jawab loh yaa...


    pecat aja dia dari KK vin, wkwkwk peace ^^V

    thanks for dropping by and leaving comment :)

  3. .............
    [gak bakat fashion]
    [silent reader]

  4. Kunjungan balik y gan ^^
    Thx infonya

    Salam blogger Indonesia
    Jangan lupa komentarnya ^^
    Lebih baik saling menyapa sesama blogger Indonesia

    jangan lupa follow jga ^^
    ( bila berkenan )
    Atau subscribe
    Pastinya akan saya foll back / subscribe back

  5. Wooohoo.. me too! I found that blog for such along time. It's kinda hard to believe her age, but it's awesome.
    anw, followed ^^

  6. @Dellasaurus, thanks for reading my humble blog <3

    @Anime, sure, I will

    @Basith, WOW thanks :D.

    Btw I followed your blog yesterday. Awesome blog, keep writing :)

  7. Iya Ranaa.. :D itu di Kleduung..salah satu lokasi favoritku kalo pas jalan-jalan sama Mr.Bf.. hehehe.. baguuuuss deh tempatnya! Aku juga suka lhoo main ke wonosobo.. lucuuk sih kotanya.. my favorite small town tetep salatiga sih tapi.. ehehe.. Kapan kmu main ke jogja mampir tokoku yaa.. ( siapa tahu kita bs ketemu. ehehe..

    sure you can feature me. I'd be so flattered! :)

    The Picnic Girl

  8. and oh.. evita Nuh.. I love her too!!! :D I featured her sometime ago at Picnic Girl:

    isn't she amazing?? awwww..

    The Picnic Girl

  9. Heyyaaa.. salam kenal untuk kesekian kalinya juga.. hehehe.. :)

    sure, lets have a picnic together and we'll be a picnic pal! ;)

    Yep.. saya dr Jogja, tp memang saat ini sedang ada kerjaan di sebuah ruang seni di Bandung, dan karena ada rumah di Jkt jadi mutar muter aja Bdg-Jgj-Jkt kayak trayek antar kota antar propinsi.. hahaha..

    Add me up on FB(Mira Asriningtyas), will ya? lets know each other better.


    The Picnic Girl

  10. Evita Nuh memang keren.
    Inget dulu umur 8 tahun belum jaman ngeblog2 hehe

  11. Evita Nuh = Bocah ajaib
    umur 8 tahun bisa kayak gitu, hebaaaaat!!

    hobi ngeblog dapet duit, kamu juga bisa
    lihat di blog Fridi Graphic

  12. @Miy, maaf miy, baru baca komenmu hihi. Oh my..3 kota gitu? pantes saya agak bingung .__.

    SURE I WILL<---langsung buka fb :D

    @Mbak Sitti, halo mbak blognya lucu deh jadinya aku follow ^^. thanks udah follow juga. salam kenal :)

    iya, umur 8 tahun mh lagi sibuk AB three2 an saya .__.

    @Fridi, thanks udah mampir salam kenal :).

  13. i've read the article about her in newspaper, i think she is very talented for a twelve years girl, and her english is awesome, but unfortunately her blog is about fashion, i'm not really interested with it lol

  14. @Seagate, yeah she's adorable. haha I'm not into fashion too actually but I love art and for me her fashion is the representation of art itself.

    thanks for dropping by ^^

  15. AHHH I KNOW RIGHT?!! I looove Evita's blog too, she's a genius and a kinda person :)


  16. @Cliff, Hi Cliff..I visited your blogs and I must say that your blog reminds me a lot of Evita's blog. Don't get it wrong, it's a compliment :)

    btw, I followed yours :)


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