I wrote this notes while you are sleeping. It seems that you are exhausted that you sleep earlier than you usually do.

Emmm actually I have a thousand words in my mind to share but they’re stucked somewhere in my limbic system (don’t ever ask me what limbic system is :p)

It’s been a month since you declared a holy yet important vow to Allah, to yourself, to my father, and to me-in front of everybody.

A moment before that historical holy vow
You know what?  the feeling I felt that moment was like forever. The time that moved slowly didn’t allow me to think about past or about future. I only thought about that day. 

That moment. 

That moment is named PRESENT, neither past nor future. So precious that the meaning is similar to the word ‘gift’. Indeed, ‘that’ present time is a gift for me. 

On that particular day, a man was going to take over the responsibility from my father, to take care of, to direct, to soothe, to lead and to love me. And I am glad that the man is you, dear :). 

Time flies. It’s been a month you’ve been calling me wife. 

All these times we’ve been through an adventure together called Love Journey. Talking about love journey, I want to recall my impression back then when I first saw our invitation design. 
I almost cry…it’s almost like a dream! I love every part: the hue, the color, the way you put bicycle and earth-moon together, the autumn theme, your oh-so-sweet letter, and especially your hard work.

I believe that our love journey will be magical. Someday you and I are going to travel this world together and paint it with the most beautiful things we can ever imagine.

thanks to Hegar Harumsari who creatively made the most enchanting letter ever for us ;) love u dear

Hoahmm…it is late already. I am going to prepare breakfast and lunchbox for you tomorrow. Dare to guess tomorrow's breakfast? ;)


Anyway, have I told you lately that….the moment you pray in masjeed,

The moment you made tea and orange water for me,

 The moment we went shopping together,

 The moment in the park,

The moment you taught me how to slide on ice rink,

 The moment we cook dinner together,

 The moment you gave me that daisy ring next to my dream tree,

 were the best moments ever?


Your 'cosmos'


**alert: chronic grammatical errors XD and personal ramblings :p


  1. r vo romantic... nannanaannnaaaa....

  2. aaaaakkkkkk >,<

    mupeng bacanya semacam envy-envy bahagia #uopotogie

    barokallah miss tiwi

  3. @Nungky *geer, seneng, loncat-loncat ehhehe. makasih dek, tak doakan smg diberi jodoh terbaik.

    @Hesty :3 sekali kali hahaha

    @Anggi kalau mupeng ya nyusul atuh*siul siul :p aamiin :) (btw, skrg mrs. tiwi)

  4. Speechles! This note just toooooo awesome! I love this, aunty Tiwi! Keep writing because I'm officially a huge fan of yours..!!

  5. @penz4ever, hihihi makasih mbaaak~ but I beg you, please don't be my fans, let's be friend instead :)

    #kepo blognya ah

  6. Aamiin. Aamiin....
    bener kata mba anggi, semacam envyenvy bahagia... huaaaa...

  7. @obat herbal & toko penjual ace maxs

    Makasih :)


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