Rainy Songs Playlist

Call me a rain freak or whatever
… since I love rain so much…

Rain won my heart since its rhythm could make anyone feels longing and peaceful at the same time. It brings a distinctive feeling that can only be felt by those who are in love lonely :’)

It is stated in Holy Qur’an many times. Even, there’s a hadits narrated by Narrated Sahel Ibn Sa'ad (RA): that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: 

'Two will not be rejected, Supplication when the Adhan (call of prayer) is being called, and at the time of the rain'.

When I was child, I often ran outside my house when the rain was coming just to let my hands wet. Then I started to build a puddle by digging a small hole and let the rain fill in.
After a ‘small pond’ was created, I put my paper ship on its surface.

perahu kertasku kan melaju~ :p

Sometimes I asked my partner in crime- younger sister- to join the party. As long as my parents didn’t notice our activity; we would play happily until our whole body got wet XD

Yeah, we had so much fun for sure :D

Now, as an old mature woman (am I????) I only make a wish in rainy days or simply take a little stroll to inhale natural perfume of wet ground after raining.

Sometimes I also listen to certain songs.

I know it’s silly but I think there are certain songs that ‘compliment’ the rainy days. It feels like it was made for rainy season. Every time I listen to them I always think about rain. 

And, here is my rainy season’s playlist: 

  • Mesin Penenun Hujan-Frau
Beautiful yet deep lyrics and the lovable vocal character of the singer are the powers of this song.  The solo piano as a music background beautify this song even more. Listen to this song when the rain comes. You’ll know why this song deserves for compliments.

  • Serenade by Frans Schubert–Ost.Summer Scent

Melancholic melody has been the partner of rainy season since ages. This calming melody is your best partner in enjoying heartbroken time or longing time. Ugh. Just listen to this song when the slow rain is pouring down. You’ll know how the longing feels like.

  • Rainy heart –Heo Yong Saeng 

Special for KPOP lovers, this song is able to make your crazy chaotic day stops for a moment. It’s a sweet ballad song that brings you to the untold secret love story or to a remaining feeling towards someone special. Whatever it is, please ignore the makeup worn by the singer. No hard feeling, people. I love the singer but to be honest the makeup is a way too obvious in this MV :(

  • Sebuah Rahasia –Sherina

I was a big fan of Sherina and this song is one of my favorite tracks. It tells about innocent love felt by a young girl in her pre-teenager life. Love is symbolized by a red rose that she loves. It’s a very cute, sweet, romantic song. Thanks to Tohpati, the guitarist who makes this song even more flattering. 
  • Nocturne –Jay Chou

Rain is often associated with darkness, loneliness and sorrow. So, this song could represent that kind of feelings ‘perfectly’ (in a good way of course). You know, almost perfect.

  •  Another Rainy Day-Corrine Bailey Rae 

This one is my favorite track after ‘Put Your Records On’. It’s a simple, calming yet deep song. The mature lyrics are perfect for married couple. My favorite line is: “Why am I so shy around you? Why am I so shy?”  Shyness makes a woman woman :*

  • Standing Egg 
This one is my dearest editor's recommendation. I'm in loveee with their songs, it's hard to choose one but I decided to pick this song. It has all the loveliest things you can imagine. 

Well, that was my rainy song playlist. What’s yours? :)


Anas ibn Malik said, “While we were with the Prophet of Allah, peace be upon him, it began to rain. The Prophet opened his cloak so that the rain could fall on him.
We asked, “Why did you do that?”
The Prophet replied, “It has been with its Lord very recently. “

special thanks to: Dinda Setyahati  for editing my grammar :)

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