My Mood Makers (Part 2)




#Take a deep breath.

Frankly speaking, I'm not confident enough to post something today since the second blog to be reviewed is...EVITA'S BLOG.

I'm nothing compared to her, but I adore her like mad, it is:

2. The Crème de la crop

Owner:Evita Nuh
Genre:Fashion Blog

I found this blog last year and I followed it as well. For me, finding this blog is as precious as spending a night in Kyoto. Why?? Because I finally found someone who compliments my dream (well, I am a dreamer after all).

Reading this blog make me suddenly felt like an idiot. What made me felt that way is: the d*amn cool blog is owned by a twelve years old girl!

Her name is Evita Nuh. She is a FUNNY GENIUS TALENTED young girl who loves fashion and arty things. The coolest thing about her is: had been featured on many International media at her very young age!

She started blogging when she was 8!! I was nothing at that age. I distinctly remember some ‘achievements’ when I was 8. Some of them are pouring a glass of water into a huge jar without spilling and eating ice cream without being messy.

Genius :D

When I read every single story she wrote I fell in love in no time. It’s written mostly in English. Well, it’s not the lame one like mine, it’s very communicative. The writing style is distinctive; mature, funny, yet innocent. I never feel bored reading this blog since each story of this blogs carries different feeling.

I was not into fashion before since I thought that fashion is ‘pricey’, glamour, overwhelmed and posh. Through her blog I can see fashion and beauty in different perspective. Now I know that the beauty is not always comes from pricey things. For me
beauty is about an art to share my feeling

Talking about fashion, you know, in Indonesia it’s normal to see young girls wear pinky Barbie kind of dress. Piiinnnkk all the way :p. Let’s see what kind of outfits she wears:




d*amn it's cool

I can’t believe that Evita Nuh lives in our country, Indonesia. Her English is superb, her outfits are ‘damn’ cool, her fashion style, her poses, her drawings are nothing but AWESOME.

I haven’t met her in person and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even know me #who am I?, but it feels like I know her very well. Maybe she’s one of my soul sisters :D #wishing.

FYI, she runs a shop named Little Nuh at her very young age-12 years old. Awesome.

Let me tell you a secret :D

You know, at that age, I do nothing but adoring Prince William :p. hahaha LOL. Such a ‘similar success story’, RIGHT???

Anyway, thanks to Benazio for featuring this blog :D. Too bad it’s kinda late finding this precious blog. Where have I been, people?
I recommend this blog to: kids, teenagers, grown ups, International readers, fashion lovers, art freak :p

Next blog to be reviewed is hers:

Oopss, no, I'm just kidding :p. It's hers :)

Bye everyone, sweet dreams ;)


My Mood Makers

Hi everyone, I’m sorry for being too LATE to post something new. Some of you may think that I’m dead or something, but the fact is, I’m super busy in doing some businesses at staples centre school.

As you already know, I’m a teacher, a desperate one an elementary school teacher. It’s been four months and it feels horrible AMAZING! :D

By the way, I notice some new followers and I would like to say: I hope Allah will guide you all while reading this absurd blog, so you do not go astray…


Well, all I want to say is: WOHOOOOO!! I can’t express how happy I am having nice fellows like you all!!!#dancing like mad.

Thanks thanks thanks for EVERYONE who notice this shabby yet creepy blog.

You know, I was a coward girl back then and I didn’t have such confidence to create a blog. So, THANK YOU DARLIIIINNNNG, muah!#cium satu2 pake pantat panci.

Ah, cukup bahasa Zimbabwenya.

Well, sebagai desperate teacher sejati, saya sering melakukan pelarian ke terminal-terminal bis terdekat lalu ngamen disana. Yah itung-itung nyari duit ekstra buat makan, hiks. Tapi karena takut ketemu produser yang sedang cari bibit baru, saya pun mengurungkan niat mulia itu dan memutuskan untuk mengunjungi blog saja :D

tak tak dung cess

Beruntungnya saya karena paham bahasa Zimbabwe. Soalnya, beberapa blog kece yang saya kunjungi untuk mengembalikan wujud mood saya memang punya International readers #tsaah.

Kapan ya saya punya international readers?

Kapan ya saya merit?? #sengaja curhat.


Blog-blog yang memang udah terkenal seperti punyanya Raditya Dika dan Benakribo sih udah nggak perlu dibahas panjang lebar. Keren, unique, epic, apalagi? Semua orang suka blog mereka, termasuk saya :)

Disini saya hanya membahas blog-blog yang saya banget. Aaannndd here is my crazy damn awesome blogs’ list:

1. Lucedale

owner: Clara Devi
followers: 1202
genre: fashion blog

I thought that finding this kind of blog is as hard as solving Math problem, but I was wrong! I ‘accidentally’ found this blog in Bule Juga Manusia. I was curious to the young well dressed lady in the blog. So, I visited hers and I’m surprissseeedd. OMG!...Pretty, vintage yet sweet blog. That’s too sweet for a blog. So dreamy, so classic, so beautiful :D

Claradevi, the young lady, is a vintage fashion blogger. Her previous blog was Sunflares Plethora- such a meaningful name-, and later she changed it into Lucedale. What I love from this blog is the PHOTOS. They are distinctive like no other.

Clara always wears her best outfit, carefully choose most beautiful place and write sweet things to create a masterpiece that make me melted. I’m jealous!!! I always want to be in the same frame and the same outfit (for me I will wear headscarf).

This blog represent me VERY WELL. Yeah in case you are curious about my personality :p
FYI, she runs a vintage outfit shop too. Aaa what a girl.

I recommend this blog to: International readers who love fashion, vintage, sweet things, and dream.

Well, enjoy some of her d*mn sweet photos

tooooo sweeeet

Well, well, actually I have 10 mood maker blogs and I’ve just revealed one of them. I still have 9 unrevealed blogs and who knows one of the blogs is yours :D

Anyway, I am going to attend two wedding parties today, and my body smells bad *yikes*, sooo let me take a shower; it’s been ages not to take a shower hahaha. Thank you so much for reading. Pardon my lame English :p

Bye everyone :D have a nice daaaayyyy :D :D

##Ngomong2 tentang nikah, hey, BANYAK AMAT SIH YANG NIKAH BULAN INI?????!!!!. I already have 5 invitations! Who’s next? Who’s neeext???!!! #ngasah golok.

(ditulis dengan galau, 13 November 2011 pagi hari. Baru dapet pulsa internet langsung post. Takut dihajar masa ^^)
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